Rendez-Vous Lounge has been created as a St. Maarten's comfortable meeting point for guests who appreciate excellent food in a casual yacht-harbor setting. Located right at the plaza of Porto Cupecoy, where Mediterranean architecture blends in with Caribbean lifestyle, RV Lounge serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Framed by the posh Terres Basses neighborhood of French St. Martin with its estate homes and Dutch-side Cupecoy with its luxury condominiums, Rendez-Vous Lounge has become a focal point for entertainment on the island's western coast. The tropical nights are filled frequently with the sound of renowned musicians performing.

"We want you to relax," explains Nathalie Schoenher the mission of Rendez-Vous Lounge. "Sit down, enjoy a full meal or just a Cappuccino. No rush, just experience the peaceful surroundings. And make new friends by meeting other guests."